Jérôme Mandron
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After 10 years as an Engineer at L'Oréal, I realized my dream of living my creations at the end of 2010.

Self-taught, I spent my first years exploring all the techniques that allow me today to express myself, From new 3D digital technologies to the oldest craft techniques.

I am in an approach of contemporary art rather figurative with a special affection for the craft of art (contemporary).

I like raw materials as a form of expression. My influences come from the world of night, from science fiction and anticipation.

I see the world of art as the biological path of life, a multitude of perpetual evolutions. Billions of genetic combinations remain today only a tiny fraction.
Millions of artists throughout the world will also be left with only a tiny fraction.

And yet it is this profusion of illustrious unknown (like me) that will continue to spring here and there, the creation of tomorrow.

Then we dream and like Life, we constantly seek to evolve, to mutate by exploring new combinations.


Jérome Mandron