Jérôme Mandron
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After 10 years as an Engineer at L'Oréal, I realized my dream of living with my creations at the end of 2010.
Self-taught, I spent my first years exploring all the techniques that allow me today to express myself, from new 3D digital technologies to the oldest craft techniques.
I like raw materials as a form of expression.
My influences come from the world of night, science fiction and anticipation.
You will find themes of the woman, transhumanism, the passage (life / death, parallel universes, space / time).

Luxembourg ART3F
Salon d'Automne - Paris (2013,2015 and 2016)
MAG Montreux - Switzerland
SPECTRUM Miami - USA (2014 and 2015)
Art Expo NY - USA


Jérome Mandron